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Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic Ulcer Diagnosis and Treatment

Diabetic ulcers occur when a small sore or wound does not heal properly, and the infected area progresses into a festering ulcer. Sometimes something as simple as a blister, dry and cracked skin or a small cut can spiral into a diabetic ulcer. These ulcers are becoming one of the leading causes of amputation in America. 

If diabetic ulcers are left untreated, you may experience poor circulation which prohibits proper healing. Other symptoms include numbness due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy, preventing patients from actually feeling the pain from the wound, not even realizing it is there. With routine visits to Mountain Home Podiatry, our patients learn the best practices for foot hygiene, nail care, and the benefits of finding the proper footwear. Diabetic ulcers are no joke. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and let’s get you back on the road to recovery!